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"Разоблачение" Илона Маска и его SpaceX

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Название :  "Разоблачение" Илона Маска и его SpaceX
Продолжительность :   827
Пользователь :  varlamov
Дата публикации :   2018-02-08
Просмотры :   1,240,341
Понравилось :   57
Не понравилось :   25

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Elon Mask's success is no longer surprising anybody, especially his company SpaceX is well acquainted with the basics of PR. But on these days this American genius made another incredible trick: he launched into space a super-heavy rocket Falcon Heavy, which is capable of bringing to low-Earth orbit up to 63 tons of cargo. On Mars, it can deliver up to 16 tons of cargo.

Well, do you think that Mask actually launched something? AMBIGUITY, FAKE NEWS! (At least, according to one well-known television channel...)

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